Thanks to Technology Advancements, Oil Changes Are No Longer Needed Every 3,000 Miles

Today we have advances in technology to thank for a plethora of different things. One of those things that many people are not aware of is the fact that vehicles no longer require their oil to be changed every 3,000 miles like cars in the past. In fact, today, if you're driving a car that is less than 20 years old, chances are you only need to change your oil every 5,000 to 10,000 miles.

The engines in cars built in the last 20 years are far more advanced than cars of the past and so is the oil being used in those motors. Oil monitors are also very common and come standard on many vehicles today. These monitors let you know the quality of your oil and the how long you have before it should be changed.

If your vehicle doesn't have an oil monitor you can simply refer to your owner's manual or contact the professional staff here at Ramey Chrysler Dodge Jeep to find out how often you should be changing your oil!

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