Seasonal maintenance key as temperatures drop

When winter approaches, and cooler temperatures begin to arrive, it's time to schedule an appointment with our service team here at Ramey Chrysler Dodge Jeep for seasonal vehicle maintenance.

Long car trips during cold weather can be bad for your tires and increase their wear and tear. To lessen the effects of cold weather, inflate your tires to the correct psi. Tire psi can decrease, putting unnecessary pressure on your tires. Winter is a good time of year to check your oil. You should also have your belts, and hoses checked for cracks and loose connections. Being sure you have secure hoses and belts will help keep your vehicle’s engine cool and running well all winter long.

Bring your car to Ramey Chrysler Dodge Jeep and let us change your car’s air filter, check your coolant and your vehicle's heating and air conditioning system. We can also check all your car's fluids and the battery before you get on the road this winter.

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