What is a temporary/compact spare tire?

To reduce the weight of their vehicles and increase fuel mileage, car manufacturers invented a new spare tire. They reasoned that spare tires are only necessary to get you to the next tire repair shop or home—whichever was closer. Therefore, there was no need for a solid and durable center. Nor was there any need for a thick tread or, for that matter, complete inflation.

The result was to put the burden on the owner/driver to keep the spare in shape. The manufacturers designed a spare that was lightweight, compact, and yet capable of getting the vehicle to a tire repair shop. The temporary/compact spare is shorter and narrower than the regular tires and requires extra inflation to match the height of the other three tires when it is used.

At Ramey Chrysler Dodge Jeep, we check your compact spare to assure its readiness for use.



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