You choose a cargo van for its payload. If you work where space is limited you'll want a van that is highly maneuverable. The Ram ProMaster is popular with working people because of its hauling capacity and maneuverability.

The ProMaster offers best-in-class height and width giving ProMaster the ability to hold a maximum of 4,680 pounds of cargo. Hitch a trailer to the ProMaster and you can tow up to 6,910 pounds. To offer some perspective on the ProMaster's towing capacity a full-size pick-up weighs 5,500-6,000 pounds.

ProMaster comes standard with front-wheel-drive. Front-wheel-drive assemblies have fewer parts than all-wheel-drive decreasing maintenance costs over the life of the van. The capabilities of the front-wheel-drive in ProMaster are augmented by Electronic Stability Control. For urban settings and tight spaces, front-wheel-drive gives Pro-Ram a best-in-class 36' turning radius. Check out all of the ProMaster's abilities by test driving one from Ramey Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram FIAT.


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