All Wheel Drive vs. 4 Wheel Drive. What is Best?

There are two different ways of driving all 4 wheels on a vehicle these days. 4 Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drive, 4WD and AWD for short.

All Wheel Drive is a newer technology and most of the time is a 100% full time all wheels being driven during movement. Power can be split between from and rear axles depending on slip/demand. All Wheel Drive is more common in passenger cars and crossover vehicles.

4 Wheel Drive is the more traditional design. Most of the time it is a truck or Sports Utility with selectable modes. Generally, a 2WD more for everyday driving, 4WD low for freeing in stuck situations or loose terrain, and 4wd high for extended speed operation.

Which is better? Really depends on the situation. AWD is more user-friendly, but 4WD performs better off-road. Contact us at Ramey Chrysler Dodge Jeep for more information on which is better for your situation.

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